Product Review: New Cookies & Cream Quest Bar!

Well helloooooo out there world. What’s everyone up to? I’m just relaxing on the couch, typing away, eating the new Quest bar flavor… NO BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING. Well, actually it’s not really a big deal.. but for a Quest addict like myself, you can only imagine my excitement. I’m actually feeling pretty special at the moment. Why you ask? Well, the public can’t pre-order the cookies and cream bars until tomorrow, and they aren’t in stores until Feb. 4th! Sooo I may or may not be one of the first Quest junkies to be eating the new flavor. Like whaaaat?! Oh, and don’t ask how I got my hands on one of these bad boys… let’s just say I have connections at GNC. heh heeeh hehehe.


Anyways, I thought since I had the new bars that I might as well do a mini product review on it. So as you guys know, Quest bars are probably one of, if not, the best protein bars out on the market. They use only REAL proteins and ingredients. They don’t contain anything foreign, or have weird syrups/sugars disguised as simple carbs in them. They have a whopping high amount of fiber, with little fat content, and each have very low non-fiber carbs. Plus each has at least 20 grams or more of protein in them, so yeah that’s a plus. For my vegans out there, yes unfortunately they do contain milk derived ingredients but y’know, that’s life. I’m very sorry. *tear*


However some, but not all of the bars contain Erythritol and Sucralose and “artificial sweeteners” as some may call it. BUT although some may forever be skeptical to the down sides of any types of added sweeteners, (harmful or not) I’m here to say that with Quest there’s nothing to fear. Studies of Erythritol show that humans do not have the enzymes to break it down; meaning, that Erythritol will not spike your blood sugar or insulin levels one bit. So with Quest you get the feeling and satisfaction of eating dessert/candy bars, without the processed junk, sugar crash, or guilt. Plus the amount of fiber keeps you full and going, which in the long run will lead to weight loss for those looking to shed a few.

Well, as if all that wasn’t enough to get you obsessed, the FLAVOR was literally amazing. How they get such health to taste just like I’m eating a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream is beyond me. You get chunks of what taste like oreos, with huge chunks of white chocolate. Like how is it possible? I don’t know… I tend not to question Quest bars, I just eat ’em.


Now for those days you’re feeling a little adventurous. I highly suggest pre-heating the oven to 350, rolling this guy out, cutting it into circles, and baking them on parchment paper for about 5 mins. You’ll get COOKIES. Yes cookies, it’s the best thing ever. I’ve also ripped them into pieces, rolled ’em up into mini balls, and topped my oatmeal with little Quest poops. Yes, poops. It’s delicious. The possibilities with these things are endless. Cookies and Cream was without a doubt amazing, a little on the sweet side, but amazing. However, did it make it into my top three flavors? Hmmm, we shall soon see. Not sure if anything will ever top Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Double Choc. Chunk but who knows. Anything’s possible.

Well I’m gonna shut up now so I can finish enjoying this little guy. If you’re alive, and have moving arms and legs, then I suggest you get in your cars and go buy yourselves some at your local GNC or Whole Foods. You won’t be sorry.

Victoria out.



One thought on “Product Review: New Cookies & Cream Quest Bar!

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